Our Story

It's difficult to speak of more than 25 years of life, one's own life, however we try thus beginning.


“La Gasthaus” was born in Bergamo in November 1991, I believe the 18 but we do not swear, on the ashes of a well-known restaurant in Bergamo time, "La Morla trattoria", so who knows how will we understand that the first born is to Gasthaus via Baioni, with mega terrace, so to speak, on the stream Morla, and for this call summer friends "Morla beach", although the 'stench that came from those poor waters not yet cleaned up, made him think more to those of a smelly port, but for those people not vacationers was a fantastic place to spend happy summer evenings!

It 'was born for the desire of Germany, Oktoberfest. that existed between the young people of Bergamo, who wanted to drink a original beer without going in Bavaria, so we are born with the 'intent to make a German beer garden, with real German beers, the same who drink the Germans, not those made for the European market, we have included in the 15 beers on tap also the era of 3 weissebier, introducing this beer in our province, beer that now has thousands of admirers and of which every bar worthy of the name it holds at least one type in bottle,
and then, and then they spend years where you chase generations of Bergamo and not, with the music of the various seasons by Litfiba, Timoria at Guccini and the extreme rock of Nirvana, Guns, who kept the pace of thousands of gigs between songs. alcohol and food - who does not have a beautiful memory in Gasthaus?

The sympathy of the girls who served at the tables, Stefania, Katya, Sarah, Michael and the boys from Cece, Neko, Roby, Angelo. Valerio and I forget many, many now married with children which i'm sure they always have a choked up thinking back to those days.

It comes in June 2000, was born a 'Gasthaus other, that of Colognola, through a couple of years of adjustment, including personnel changes, renovations, its structure changes, is a bit' the Cinderella, which fails to take flight but long after, many stomach and the first collaborators, Tibi, Ducu, Valentino, Chiara, began the adventure!
However as time passes, you have to upgrade, you have to grow, new generations are advancing, have new requirements, the Gasthaus in recent years have remade the trick, painless transformations that have never changed the image to the client, which now has different needs, wants that their local abide by the time the competition increasingly fierce, so more supply, more services, more quality, more choice.

The Gasthaus, as "the brewery" of Bergamo, has become Osteria with over 150 wine labels, with a kitchen where you eat fresh fish to meat accurattamente choices, but wanted to keep faith to its roots, with its sandwiches, which they have undergone a restyling that has made them better and more complete and its beers, always only German, and for us the best of the square

boys and girls who now receive you, Mary, Claudia, Ester, Valeria, Martina, Sara, Ina, Mario said Pisco, Luca, Claudio Mario are a good group that unite, friendliness, professionalism, willingness to follow you, explain, direct you on all our products and our cooks Seba, Mauro, Valentina, Tobia, Andrian, Claudio, Angel, that every time we will propose a healthy cuisine, expressed and especially good and coming to see us all know them personally.

Thank you before thousands of people in these 25 years have accompanied us on this crazy ride that is life, but especially the tens of collaborators and those who believed always, as Angela, who helped to continue our path.

Firma Mario