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Our Story

It's difficult to speak of more than 25 years of life, one's own life, however we try thus beginning.


"La Gasthaus" was born in Bergamo in November 1991, I believe the 18 but we do not swear, on the ashes of a well-known restaurant in Bergamo time, "La Morla trattoria", so who knows how will we understand that the first born is to Gasthaus via Baioni, with mega terrace, so to speak, on the stream Morla, and for this call summer friends "Morla beach".
Thank you before thousands of people in these 25 years have accompanied us on this crazy ride that is life, but especially the tens of collaborators and those who believed always, as Angela, who helped to continue our path.

Firma Mario

Our Services


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We give the customer the possibility to bring their own bottles to drink during dinner. In this case we will apply the law of cap corresponding to the service, the uncorking, the washing of the glasses and, if necessary, the decanter of € 3 per person.

Besides the four people, costs will be charged € 2.5 per person.
However, the right to cap will be halved if the customer also purchases a wine present in our paper

(The bottle should still be in keeping with the decor of the premises, for which management may refuse at the discretion of this service)

Service Images

Welcome Pets!

In Gasthaus the dogs are welcome, of course with normal restrictions, common education, can not be left free to run around, barking or howling, and obviously be liable for any damages (bites), to persons things or other animals.
We will be happy to provide water to quench and we can cook to your dog what you want to order.

...about our friend Pippo, is always happy to know own kind!

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